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We understand
Our client's business, their technological requirements and operational needs
We analyze
Opportunities for the transformation of processes through the analysis of information, operational standardization, connection of digital ecosystems and in general, any customized digital development.
We propose
The design, implementation and maintenance of the solution proposed through a structured work plan and technical service 24/7 after delivery.
En Mawesi estamos en constante evolución. 
Conoce nuestro portafolio de servicios actualizado.

A software that meets the unique needs of your business?
A software developed to measure

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Software development

We use micro service architecture for custom development in:
Web applications
Mobile apps

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Mobile application development

We use micro services architecture for custom development in mobile applications

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Big data

We use Big data to build decision-making systems for strategic areas in organizations.

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Staff outsourcing

We have an expert group of developers, specialized in different technologies and with extensive experience in different business sectors.

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Information and data systems integration

We develop custom software to empower companies. We develop custom software to empower companies.

I.T for people I.T for business

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We adapt to any need for development and integration through diversification in technologies

We develop software through different languages and programming environments, allowing us to adapt to the needs of each challenge. Our development experts are able to integrate different digital solutions both new and previously existing to maximize the benefit of our software.

Full-time support? Yes, always.
7 days a week, 365 days a year

We care about the continuity of the operation of the systems and solutions that we develop and advise, for this reason at Mawesi we offer a support package to our clients through SAC, our Customer Service Software that allows us to constantly and continuously monitor situations in which our clients require support.

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