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 We are a global IT company that generates custom-designed technology solutions and services.

We solve complex problems by designing simple proposals. We use technology to create a better and smarter environment, optimizing efficiency in business processes, productivity, and standardization.

We are experts in software development, app development, data integration, big data and Power BI.

We harness emerging technology in innovative ways by creating sustainable business tools across industries.

We believe in the prudent use of technology and design aimed at solving people's needs, that is why we always seek to establish relationships that make a positive difference in the lives of our clients, accompanying them step by step throughout their process.

 Mawesi development experts

To have great software, we need greater code.

How to do it? With the best human team in charge of understanding, analyzing, proposing and developing.

Strategic Alliances

We are part of the Colombian technological and business ecosystem

We always look ahead to open paths in new markets and technologies, for this reason we are strategic allies of the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce.

We are strategic allies of the Colombian Federation of the Software and Information Technology Industry!


At Mawesi we are committed to strengthening the software industry nationwide and turning it into a world-class sector.

Mawesi is part of Marca País, an entity of the National Government, Procolombina and MinCIT, with the purpose of showing our dedication, work and passion that they project us as a country.

 Why choose us?

For us it seems essential to create long-term alliances with our clients because we understand the importance of focusing the design of IT solutions on the people behind the challenges.


Since 2013 we have focused on providing the market with tailor-made products of excellent quality, always within the established times and with the goal of exceeding the expectations of our customers with each delivery. We know that a good design starts from a good understanding, that is why we place so much importance on knowing in depth the real needs of our clients and their challenges, and thus provide them with smart solutions based on smart technologies.

With our work we help to optimize internal business dynamics and flows, and to materialize all those ideas that need a technological arm to become a reality from start to finish. Currently, we continue to innovate to meet the needs of the market, serving customers globally and growing shoulder to shoulder with them.

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