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Project Portfolio

Our developments have generated benefits in different economic and productive sectors


Grupo Cadena

Subsidiary of the company Cadena Medellin, we've been working the last 3 years as a team in the creation of various applications that are intended to help in the innovation processes of the plant.


Icesi University

6 years working as a team, our software solutions have focused on improving and streamlining the growth and development processes in which collaborators, students and contractor personnel intervene.

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5 years working as a team, in the creation of various applications that are intended to help in the innovation processes of the plant.

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La lonja

To optimize the processes of this company we have developed solutions that are intended to help in the management of properties according to their characteristics.

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Outsourcing service for Mawesi personnel for the development of one of the most demanding software projects.



To respond to several of the needs of this company we have developed applications and web tools as a result of collaborative requirements survey, design, architecture and development processes.

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Our process

We develop software through different languages and programming environments, allowing us to adapt to the needs of each challenge.


Our development experts are able to integrate different digital solutions both new and previously existing to maximize the benefit of our software.

1. Definition of the project,

We listen to the needs of our clients and propose a project development route, with different deliverables and quality tests to ensure the correct operation of our software.

4. Development,

We make partial deliveries during all stages of development to guarantee the correct functioning of the software. We carry out software quality controls internally and externally.

2. User stories and prototypes,

The design, implementation and maintenance of the solution proposed through a structured work plan and technical service 24/7 after delivery.

5. Delivery,

Every MAWESI product goes through an SQA (Software Quality Assurance) process, the software is tested by non-development engineers. Each sprint is validated and once approved it is released for user testing. We have Devops for deployment.

3. Definition of team and methodology,

We establish the core team made up of expert Mawesi developers and the customer-designated team. In the same way, we articulate our agile methodologies in project development with the work methodologies of our client.

6. Support and maintenance,

We care about the continuity of the operation of the systems and solutions that we develop and advise, for this reason at Mawesi we offer a support package to our clients through SAC, our Customer Service Software that allows us to constantly and continuously monitor situations in which our clients require support.

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