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Saving months of development

A month into 2022 and many on-going projects with high expectations, we would like to share with you a quick tool to save months of development. Some internal IT teams don't have the time, availability or expertise to completely follow a methodological testing and iteration process, delaying the project's release.

The solution we'd like to share with you is a very simple 3 letter word — WHY, to quickly get to the root cause analysis for any bug. All you have to do is ask 5 WHYs at any point of any development process and you'll know exactly what happened — so it doesn’t happen again.

Taiichi Ohno, the architect of the Toyota Production System said "... by repeating why five times, the nature of the problem as well as its solution becomes clear.”

An example closely related to software teams would be as follows:

1. Why did the user complain he couldn’t use the “Send email” feature of our application? Because there was a bug in the latest release.

2. Why was there a bug in the latest release? Because we didn’t test this scenario.

3. Why didn’t we test this scenario? We didn’t do a regression test on all the other features of the application because it takes a lot of time.

4. Why didn’t you test all the other features of the application? Because “Send email” was a feature that was created way before and not within the current sprint, it’s impractical to test all the features for every release.

5. Why do you think it is impractical to test all the features? Because our application is so vast that performing regression testing on every single feature manually would require an excessive amount of time and would delay the process

The 5 question method approach is going to ensure that you get to the root cause and fix the problem at the source. This is also going to help you be answerable to your stakeholders and your clients.

Want to save even more time?

Choosing the right technological partner to develop your projects through methodologies that allow for the identification and correction of mistakes, can be decisive and it can save you a lot of trouble and delay in your developments.

We are Mawesi, a global IT company with +14 years of experience developing custom-designed technology solutions and services to fulfill the expectations and needs of a wide variety of sectors.

With our proven methodology, we gain a deep understanding of your product and business goals so we can guide you through the path that guarantees your success.

We perform an end-to-end design and development process divided in 6 stages, hand by hand with our clients and stakeholders to assure high quality in our innovative digital solutions.

1. Understanding the problem or need.

2. Planing and prototyping.

3. Initial building and integration.

4. Design and development testing and iteration.

5. Partial and final release.

6. Technical support from Mawesi.

We'd like to be your technological ally so you can meet your business objectives.

Contact us for more information about our custom made developments!

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