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How Custom Website Development Prevents Security Breaches

In this current digital age, everything happens virtually. Businesses are connecting with their customers online providing better experiences. The key aspect surrounding this seamless interaction is data. Data is a valuable resource in the digital era and thus its security is paramount. Security concerns not only affect your business but also users interacting with you. Website development sure has loopholes but having it customized minimizes breaches.

Key Security Breaches Abated

Outlined below are some of the website breaches nullified by custom web development

Code Injection

Code injection is whereby an attacker identifies a vulnerability in a program and injects a malicious code changing the way it executes. Such vulnerable areas include login dialogue boxes where a user inputs their details. Code injection usually leads to stolen or duplicated credentials, manipulation of data, and website server crashes.

In custom web development, the programmer will write code that addresses this vulnerability. Moreover, they can implement several filters i.e., two-step authentication or OTPs dialogue that offer additional restrictions. In addition, custom coding ensures business data is kept separate from system commands and queries.Custom development also allows for the application of database access limits and Web Application Firewall (WAF). The former reduces or mitigates damage incurred from a successful attack. The latter updates a database in real-time filtering inputs entered by a potential threat. Such customizations suit a business’ security needs amicably by providing greater scalability.

Data Breach

A data breach is unauthorized access to data. As aforementioned, data is the most valuable resource to any business and a breach can cripple a business. Data Encryption is made possible with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a security protocol that secures sensitive information. Sensitive information includes bank account info, website login details, and customer personal information.

When websites “communicate”, SSL protocols significantly lower the chances of data breaches. SSL protocols make your website more trustworthy and also boosts their rankings on search engines. A secure website has its URL change from HTTP to HTTPS and a padlock also appears in the URL address tab.

Customized web development can encrypt website traffic and transactions and limit control of business servers. Controlled access to servers means a reduced risk of data breaches. Customizing ensures you devise a uniquely suited defense system for your business.

Malware Affliction

Malware is malicious software that enters a computer and secretly exploits information stored within it. Malware attacks have always been associated with e-mail spam. Malicious code is attached as a link or a file that when opened it unleashes chaos. With customization, an email scanning system is developed that filters spam emails.

Bad Bots

Bots are automated systems that aid you as you navigate a website. Bots ought to provide useful search results and ensure ease of use. Their initial use was to mimic human workflow and eventually behave like real users. However, along with good bots, there are bad bots as well. These, are designed to make it difficult to use the internet. They have the potential to run your business down.

Custom software development can reduce bad bot activity. This is done by introducing website features like CAPTCHA. A CAPTCHA can tell apart human internet users from bots, preventing fake account influx. This feature also prevents access to sensitive data by bad bots. Customization also blocks certain web traffic, further reducing bad bot activity.


E-skimming is another affluent hacker method to gain access to private data. It works similarly to a credit card hack. A huge security risk where customers are misled into clicking external links on their payment page. Hackers themselves can also gain access to an e-store with phishing or cross-site scripting. The customer’s payment information is then captured in real-time.

Custom development can ensure enough security is set and introduce reminder dialogues. Reminder dialogues tell the user to ensure the page is legitimate.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks

A DDoS attack is when the server supporting your e-store gets untraceable IP address requests. A DDoS attack is initiated by manipulating IoT devices, taking them offline. When offline, these devices are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Sophisticated security threats to eStores demand equally sophisticated countermeasures. Thus, custom software development is the answer to counteracting DDoS attacks.

Security Misconfiguration:

Poorly configured web servers are prone to security risks. Security misconfiguration arises when all mandatory security controls are not implemented. Security controls to be implemented include; regular software updates, limiting unnecessary background services, and changing login details. Failing to implement these reveals information to hackers.

Custom web development counteracts this by including a “build” and “execute” process. The process can run system checks for unexecuted security controls.


Cybersecurity is a major concern for eCommerce. The internet has revolutionized how a business operates today. The combination of web and Information Technology (IT) has enabled businesses to grow on a grand scale. Therefore, using pre-designed components comes with vulnerability. Vulnerabilities arise when using standardized and open-source codes out of convenience. The risk is magnitude from a developer’s point of view. Hackers can easily gain access to your website and destroy you in many ways.

However, custom development does crucial services like code documentation, website checks, and maintenance. Your business gets regular updates on these developments with customization. Also, customization makes it unique and widely used code is not deployed. The code needs to be written down from scratch to ensure the best security features.

Custom website development services can help you with security concerns.

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