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We develop custom software to enhace companies and businesses

Increase the value of your company by personalizing the automation of processes, with disruptive, scalable and sustainable technological solutions suitable for all industries.


I.T for people I.T businesses

A software that meets the unique needs of your business?
A custom developed software.

As your software providers at Mawesi we become a key part of the digital transformation process of your organization. We offer you the necessary support and experience to guide you in the management of change, collaborating closely with you to break schemes and paradigms that will always allow you to be one step ahead.
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Software development        

We use micro service architecture for custom development with:
Web applications
Mobile apps

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Big data                                 

We use Big data to build decision-making systems for strategic areas in organizations.

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Information and data systems integration

We develop custom software to empower companies.

About us

What do we do at Mawesi?

We are curious and passionate developers

We are a global IT company that generates custom-designed technology solutions and services. We solve complex problems by designing simple proposals. We use technology to create a better and smarter environment, optimizing efficiency in business processes, productivity, and standardization.

13 years of successful developments

We are the technological partner of choice for many large and medium-sized companies worldwide that have made us allies of their success by trusting in our solutions.

+150 executed projects

Our products are solutions focused on the needs of each client and focused on optimizing their processes.

Success stories

Tracking and integration of orders and purchase orders

Subsidiary of the company Cadena Medellin. We've been working as a team for the last 3 years in the creation of various applications that were intended to help in the innovation processes of the plant. Through our custom development, they were able to optimize their tracking processes, operation times, and were easily able to integrate with their suppliers' system, facilitating operational management and improving the monitoring of indicators.

Embrace the power of digital transformation as your competitive advantage



Our team will contact you to better understand the requirements of your needs and carry out an in-depth analysis of the different solutions we have for you!

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